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The Key to Memorable Events

Ryan Spaccavento September 21, 2017

As you're well aware, organising professional conferences and corporate events takes a lot more than just booking the event space. You want to add value that will make everyone involved remember your event -- and talk about it. We've previously discussed some key points on how to make that happen. Here are just a few more perks that will make you the hero of the event: 

Arrange a complimentary bus trip to a local place of interest. Offer a free round-trip bus ride to a historical site, the beach, the local fairgrounds, or a famous cultural event. As an extra perk, some organisers arrange for pre-paid meals at a landmark restaurant near the site. The more memorable the experience, the more likely your attendees are to tell others via the various media channels.

Give out memorable swag. A totebag, a pen, and a small notepad were par for the course at events a couple of decades ago. Nowadays, in order to keep your attendees remembering and talking about your conference or corporate event you need to put thought into selecting your event gifts. In fact, this HubSpot article recommends the best swag to offer your attendees. We've listed some of those items below: 

  • Phone chargers: This is a thoughtful gift that any event attendee will appreciate. Chargers come in handy for those who have left their chargers at home or have lost them while running from one session to another. And all attendees will remember your event each time they charge their phones. 
  • Wearable items: You still can't go wrong by giving away tee-shirts bearing your organization's logo. However, to stay away from backpacks, which many individuals might be hesitant to use in a professional setting.
  • Unique food items: For example, a coworker attended a conference and came back with a free bucket of gummy bears. A year later, he still remembers that fun experience. If your event is hosted in an area that is known for a famous snack, that's a great item to include in your gift bag.
  • Reusable water bottles: When event attendees are rushing around to attend your event, they'll appreciate and use this thoughtful gift. Plus, reusable water bottles are part of a current green trend that most conferences and corporate events are following.
  • Clutch umbrellas: Not everyone remembers to pack an umbrella when they're off to a conference or corporate event. Your attendees will appreciate receiving your logo-bearing umbrella in their gift bag whenever they're caught in a rainstorm at the event -- and whenever they reach for it at home. 
  • Seasonal items: You'll want to offer these items as well, again with your logo appearing on them. If your event is located near a beach, for example, thongs and towels can be a useful and memorable event gift.

Make it social. Offer free Wi-Fi, and have a viewing screen that streams live tweets from conference attendees and from those who weren't able to make it to the event. This way, everybody has a chance to talk about what's happening at your event as it's taking place. And use the live streaming to provide updates on conference room accommodations, parking, weather conditions, and anything else that may affect your attendees' experiences. 

Provide a quiet room. Include a quiet room where multiple perks are offered. At the very least, you can set up a comfortable sitting room -- complete with work space, outlets for chargers, and snacks and beverages. As appropriate, or if you have the budget, you can even provide five-minute massages.

Bring in catered coffee prepared by professional baristas. Although many events have self-serve coffee set up in "the back," we don't have to explain that this option just doesn't provide the same experience for event attendees as smelling freshly-brewed coffee during those key moments of the day. Even non-coffee drinkers will remember the rich smell of premium, freshly-brewed coffee provided by catered coffee services. And they may even remember your event as the one where they became a lover of fine coffees.

As Melbourne's leading coffee caterer, Coffee On Cue specialises in delivering the highest quality coffee to corporate events. In addition, we offer branding options so that your attendees will be sure to associate our supreme coffee experience with your event for years to come. Get in touch below for a free quote.

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