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Planning Successful Town Hall Meetings

Ryan Spaccavento September 08, 2017

Your time is valuable, right?

Not being constructive feels like a waste of time, right?

There are some pricey costs attached to meetings that fall flat or fail to meet the planned goals. Simply put, meetings can be an extremely beneficial activity for all involved, or they can be a disaster. Those two results are obviously worlds apart, so what do you need to do to put yourself and your meeting in the right world?

The answer to that might be a little more involved than it appears at first glance. Some of the many considerations for pulling off a successful meeting may include: catering, connectivity, timeline management, staging, decor and much more. Yes, there is a lot involved in achieving a productive and successful meeting.

Ask any event planner, and they will be able to quickly recite to you the things that made this or that meeting work more so than the aspects that didn't. Having a well-structured and organised meeting will benefit the planning team and the attendees. The unknown or unexpected at a meeting can be disastrous and is often attributable to poor planning.

Good planning is the foundation of a successful town hall meeting. Accomplishing that will hinge on two main areas: maintaining the structural integrity of the meeting, and providing a comfortable arena.

Provide Comfort

Affording a comfortable and relaxed environment for the attendees will promote input, interaction and interest. Factors like seating and catering will go a long way in achieving this goal. Comfortable seating and beverages (like high quality coffee) will convey a sense of professionalism and invite engagement between your town hall members.

Having a comfortable seat during the meeting will be appreciated by everyone in attendance. It's difficult to feel sociable or even stay engaged and attentive when your butt is aching! Coffee is synonymous with great conversation and alertness - two more great examples of why these types of considerations are of such importance.

Structural Integrity 

Maintaining the structural integrity of the meeting means being flexible enough to allow breaks to run longer while keeping the meeting within the scheduled time frame. It means permitting for unscheduled conversations to be introduced while staying on the town hall schedule of topics.

Few things will aggravate attendees and undermine success like a meeting that runs 90 minutes past the scheduled time. Some of that concern can be alleviated with examples like those above. Simply having comfortable seats and great coffee available are often overlooked but will actually help the meeting to keep moving by having engaged and active attendees.

Rare Opportunity

Town hall meetings are a rare opportunity to unify, strengthen, and make a company better - from the inside out. The accounting department may constantly be figuring numbers for the sales team yet they may never have the chance to meet each other and engage on a human level. Upper-level management doesn't normally get the opportunity to meet the production team, which can lead to real and productive information exchange.

These meetings have the ability to induce that feeling and sense of a one team one goal mentality. When you have a group of people with a single-minded focus, special things happen. Imagine the distribution management team sitting comfortably having a discussion with the production crew during a break. While the aroma of fine coffee fills the air ideas are exchanged and solutions are uncovered...

These meetings can have that kind of impact, when planned and run properly.

Your time is valuable, and the time of people attending the meeting is valuable too. The right meeting plan and the know-how to make it happen will make a world of difference. 

What world did you want to be in?


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Tagged: Conferences, productivity, town hall