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The Secret To Productivity? Hint: It's Coffee.

Ryan Spaccavento August 03, 2017

There isn't any wonder why some governments subsidise coffee; it keeps whole nations going. This is true world-wide, the only exceptions being countries where tea is the office standard (here's looking at you Ireland). Doctors support claims that coffee has vast health benefits. In moderation, coffee poses little to no health risks for the majority of people. Some health studies have even found coffee to actively promote health. The neuroendocrine-immune system possesses the ability to process and structure endless activities within the central nervous system, hormonal system, and immune system, all linked through a complex network related to attentiveness.

So why the heck am I telling you this? Because coffee leads to productivity!

A growing body of research supports what has always been known. Coffee is linked to higher productivity and even better health. It is a drink, unlike soda, which contains many natural antioxidants involved in warding off heart conditions, Alzheimers disease, and even cancer. There are very few reasons not to drink coffee (in moderation) on a regular basis. It's only when someone hits their 8th cup that things may quickly turn health-adverse and attentiveness is replaced by lack of concentration and jitters. Around 400 milligrams of caffeine is the recommended sweet spot.

Coffee is invaluable in the workplace and employers tend to intuitively understand this, however a culture factor may also be at work here. In Australia, many places of work provide coffee for free to employees. The work week consistently demands employees to keep up with quotas in addition to learning new things or taking on new tasks. Coffee has got people covered. A study from the journal PLOS One has recently tied only 200 milligrams of caffeine to increased ability of the brain to identify words and phrases more quickly, meaning that coffee should be an option for any adult learning activity.

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And when do we learn most? At work.

Probably one of the most prevalent concerns to any business is the productivity and wellbeing of staff. If it isn't already - it should be! As mentioned above, coffee is inherently linked with productivity and positive state of health. It's true that the caffeine in coffee doesn’t actually provide more energy, however it stops the compound in the brain that gives signals for sleep. This compound is called adenosine, and it builds up throughout the day, creating a general veil of weariness over the office. Those who drink coffee in the morning are essentially combating some leftover adenosine. Blocking those adenosine receptors is key to getting through the initial hours of work - and staying alert during meetings.

Natural energy is linked to enhanced memory, focus, and problem-solving - one just has to energised enough to tap into the natural energy. That's where coffee is king. It's no wonder why many developers often stock coffee for hacknights. Although drinking coffee late into the night is not a healthy practice, it is intuitively linked with those "Ah-ha!" moments that annihilate a seemingly impossible problem.

Speaking of 'A-Ha!' Moments

Reaching that eureka moment, is often a team effort.  Those who work in creative or technical fields can attest to the importance of collaboration. Well, coffee has always been tied to increased ability for collaboration since the grand era of the Parisian coffee house. The café culture in France was basically centred around intellectuals, artists, and writers who all came together in the spirit of collaboration; to discuss, to exchange ideas, and to learn new things. An attentive mind is also a receptive mind.

Coffee doesn't just provide the chemical compounds for an alert brain, it also provides a cultural standard of interaction and discussion. When we request to "go grab a coffee", social interaction is subliminally a part of that request. Its no surprise that grabbing coffee is growing in popularity within tech communities as a way to interview in a low pressure environment. Coffee is universally comforting - when it tastes right, that is. That's why you should make having good coffee a priority in your workplace, at important meetings and at events.

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